Why Choose VEO Essential Oils

VEO Essential Oils

Our goal is to provide the most energetic, pure high quality essential oils possible, while at the same time offering them at the absolute lowest prices.  We offer 100% Pure, Therapeutic Aromatherapy Essential oils and blends.  No chemicals, no additives, all natural, no toxins.  Sources are NAHA Members!  Certified Organic when applicable.

One of the fastest most profitable trends

Your business is not just participating in one of the fastest growing trends.  You have the opportunity to CREATE that trend with your clients and customers.  You can be known as THE business that provides the ONLY Vibrational Essential Oils available!

What are healing frequencies

Anyone that has researched or heard of healing frequencies of 428hz and 532hz on liquids understands the incredible power involved!  The VEO bottling facility applies and exposes the pure oils to these frequencies during the bottling and storage of all VEO products.  Our goal is to provide the most Pure, Energetic and Advanced essential oils, blends, lotions and specialty spa products in the industry.  Plus this gives you the ability to SHARE this STORY about why your essential oils are better and distances you from the competition!  Your clients will smell and feel and experience the difference!  


When looking at our price guide you will see that you can purchase the highest grade most pure energetic essential oils at the absolute best prices possible.  We want you to create an amazing profit center!  You can mark up these products 300% to 400% and still be lower priced than most retail or networking businesses available!

Download the VEO catalog

Please email veooils@gmail.com and we will send the PDF of our catalog right away!

Catalog, Wholesale Price Guide and Starter Packs

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