With the internet today and google your answers to how to use and what oils to use are right at your fingertips. We want to help your customers know how and what to use in a very basic way that captures their attention while looking at the VEO products in your business. We offer a Tear Off Pad that gives them the Methods and Ways to Use the oils as well as suggestions on what oils to use or the top health benefits. (click here to see an example)

We are not doctors and we don’t say we cure or treat diseases. The incredible penetrating characteristics of VEO Essential Oils greatly enhance their ability to work! Two of the greatest ways to use essential oils is to SMELL them and to apply them to your SKIN. Essential oils applied to the feet for example can be found in every cell in the body within 21 minutes.

CBD Products are becoming very popular and there is a tremendous amount of information online.  Rest Assured that here at VEO we only use the highest quality and follow the highest strict guidelines when it comes to industrial hemp.