Why Choose VEO



Most people love the smell of essential oils but don’t understand the power and health benefits they offer. When a person gets sick or has health challenges their energy levels drop. These energy levels can be measured. A healthy body is about 72hz. When your immune system drops cold and flu comes around 52hz, cancer at 42hz.

Most foods we eat have zero measured energy. Fresh herbs are around 25hz. Fresh produce around 15hz. ESSENTIAL OILS START AT 52HZ AND GO UP TO 320HZ.

Essential oils have the HIGHEST measured frequency of ANY natural substance known to man, creating an environment where virus, fungus, disease and bacteria can’t survive. This is the powerful benefits of real essential oils and why they work so well!

We take it a step further than anyone else

Many people are realizing the power of HEALING FREQUENCIES. At VEO we expose our essential oils and products to the amazing healing frequencies of 432hz and 528hz. These frequencies have been titled by many experts as the exact vibration the earth moves and resonates at. It is higher than music we listen to. There is tremendous research and science behind these frequencies, and when applied to the essential oils, we believe we have the best products available in the industry.

VEO Essential Oils are 100% pure, non-toxic, free of chemicals, from nature, therapeutic aromatherapy quality and with our Advanced Frequency Technique, we believe the most energetic essential oils on the market!