Fennel Sweet

Fennel Sweet

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Fennel Sweet Essential Oil has a sweet, earthy, peppery, anise-like aroma. Fennel Sweet essential oil is used commonly in the making of soaps, candles, and perfumes. However, the most popular way to use Fennel Sweet is in aromatic applications. Fennel Sweet's sweet, spicy aroma is widely known to promote a grounded environment in a work or study area. 

Blends well with lavender and geranium.

Size: 15 ml

Common Uses:

Personal Care: Oily skin, bruises, pyorrhea, cellulitis, obesity, asthma, bronchitis, anorexia, colic, hiccups, constipation, nausea

Moods: Create a grounded environment, stress relief, concentration, mind clarity

Directions for Use:

  • Add 4 to 5 drops of Fennel Sweet essential oil to your favorite aromatic diffuser to promote concentration and grounded feelings
  • Add few drops along with facial toner to freshly washed skin to reduce pore appearance
  • Apply 2 to 3 drops to desired skin area for topical use on bruises or oily skin. Dilution not needed unless for sensitive skin